Move Over – Slow Down

We would like to educate everyone about the“Move Over Law”, please take a few moments to look through the web site as this is a very serious problem that is becoming a really big issue today. This law applies to all First Responders and Road Side Workers, including Police, Fire, Towing, EMS, Road Construction, DOT Courtesy Vehicles.

Please “Give a Lane, to help Save a Life”

we all want to go home to our families like you do.

Distracted driving has become the number two leading cause of serious injury or fatality. Is picking up your phone to text, taking a picture of an accident, applying your make up, reaching for that juicy 1/2 lbs. burger, checking Facebook or your email really that important? We think NOT! If we can get through to just one person (you have to start somewhere), and have them not be distracted while driving, it will all be worth it.