About Us

This organization was started to educate the public on the Move Over Law here in Ohio. I am a previous tow company owner out of Michigan that had moved to Ohio in 2010, I have never lost the passion of the towing industry and still to this day keep in contact with all my fellow brothers and sisters in arms, i also have seen a lot of first responders (police, fire, ems, tow trucks), that have been hit from someone that is just not paying attention, some of them have been good friends that i have worked beside.

Not many know that most tow truck operators do not have health insurance let alone life insurance. This is why I have created Move Over Ohio, to help promote moving over or slowing down as we all want to go home at the end of our shift just like you do.

So officially in January of 2018, I created this organization to help educate people, and i figure that if I can save just 1 life from being disabled or killed in the line of duty, weather it is police, fire, ems or towing, than I am doing my job, but we will not stop until there are no other first responders that are hurt in the line of duty.

So please, you want to go home to your family at the end of your shift, “Give A Lane, Save A Life”, as they want to go home to their families as well. Put the cell phone down and reduce speed around all first reponders on the side of the road.